We’ve known Lowell Taylor of Taylor Construction for quite some time. When it came time for us to reach out to a contractor for a major farmhouse renovation, we knew Lowell was exactly the person we wanted heading up our project. We knew we would get quality work and be treated fairly, and in the end, be more than satisfied. The truth is, Lowell and everyone he had working on our project exceeded our expectations. We didn’t just get the renovated farmhouse we always wanted, we got the perfect home that reflects everything we had asked for—and with Lowell’s experience and advice, we got several things we would have never thought of but are so thankful he was looking out for us.
Tina Crane
Points, West Virginia
He built our home in Clarke County ten years ago. Lowell came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We had blueprints for a home we had found, but it was a custom built home and Lowell was very good about the entire process. He was always on-site, which is unusual for builders. Lowell and his partner Mike were there constantly, if I had a question, they’d answer us quickly. It was a big home. There was a lot that could have gone wrong, but it went smoothly. We closed on time and didn’t run over budget. If I ever build again, I would certainly use Lowell. They did a great job and I would recommend him to anybody.
Kevin Clowser
Berryville, Virginia
We have a new house we like, but we really didn’t have a place to sit outside or use the fire pit we had enjoyed so much at our last house. We had some ideas about what to create being fairly new to the area, we didn’t know the local market. We believe in using local craftsmen so we began our search. Out of three local contractors we felt could do the work, we decided to try Taylor Construction/ Virginia Deck Works. I called Lowell Taylor and he answered the phone. Now that seems like a small thing, but I’ve had trouble over the years dealing with unresponsive contractors. It was the first positive thing about dealing with Lowell Taylor.

He made a good impression on the phone. He was interested, and he listened. We set up a meeting. He was on time. We took a tour of the property, discussed what we were thinking and talked some more. Clearly, we needed help with the design. He pumped us for our ideas and showed us some pictures of previous jobs he had completed. He said he would take the first stab at drawing up the plan. He also wanted us to look for patio/deck pictures on the Internet that showed aspects and ideas that might be incorporated into the final project. The give and take took a couple of weeks, but the process resulted in a plan that incorporated our ideas and his professional experience. We signed the contract.

Lowell showed up on the start date with a full crew and got to work. The crew had a foreman, but Lowell was involved in the entire process. The team showed up early and stayed late. These guys all seemed to know what they were doing, and the quality of their work reflected that. There were subcontractors for concrete and the brickwork. Lowell handled it all, including moving some gutters to facilitate drainage. The subs were all as courteous and capable as his immediate crew. There were a couple of delays, but they were all weather driven.

We are very happy with the outcome. I watched the construction and know the quality that went into the project. The quality of the materials used was excellent. The quality of work performed was excellent. We used Trex on the deck, and it’s really outstanding. We’re both retired and expect this house to be our last. We made this investment to satisfy us, not because of what it might do to the resale value of the home. That said, we did invite our realtor over to see what’s been done since we got into the place. She was very impressed and said we’ve significantly increased the overall value of the property. Since she used that word, that’s where I want to close: value. We are both impressed with the quality and effort that Lowell put into this project. We are completely satisfied with the value we’ve received for the cost of the project. This contracting experience is now my standard for how I think a contracting experience should go.
Steve and Heidi H.
Winchester, Virginia
I highly recommend Lowell Taylor of Taylor Construction and Virginia Deck Works. Lowell is friendly and very professional. He listens to the homeowner’s ideas and concepts and then creates a masterpiece. His work crew is very skilled and hardworking. I am very, very pleased with my custom deck. I have had several compliments and inquiries of who built the deck. Lowell prides himself with quality work! I plan to use Taylor Construction in the future for other home improvements.
Sandy Gunte
Stephenson, Virginia
We live in an older home built in the ’60s. Being an older, ranch style house, it didn’t have a lot of light. Lowell put a sunroom on the back with all glass windows and a gas fireplace. We’ve known Lowell awhile and think very highly of him so when we were looking to do this room, we discovered he could do it. He was wonderful to work with and we did it on a budget. The guys who worked for him were polite and cleaned up every single day. Things were neat and tidy when they left. It was a nice experience all around. In fact, Lowell will be coming back to do our bathroom next. We highly respect him. He was spot on with everything. He put together exactly what we wanted without having a real blueprint or plan. We talked about the feeling the room should have, and how many windows we wanted and discussed putting a hardwood floor in. We live in that sunroom now. We have a table and two chairs on one side and a couch on another. It’s opened up the house and really brightened it up since there weren’t a lot of windows. We use it for reading and having our coffee and we visit with friends out here. It turned out even better than our expectations.
Rodney and Ellen Cowley
Winchester, Virginia
I think they did a fantastic job building my porch and deck. I told Lowell what I wanted and specified the materials I thought I’d like and he designed it and suggested some changes. Lowell and his crew did what they said they were going to do in the amount of time they said they would do it. The workers showed up on time and cleaned up every night before they went home. I’ve been in the construction business and some jobs, the workers will leave a mess. There was none of that here. They did their work, were nice and tidy, and were respectful to my wife and me. As I said, I build homes and have done a lot of work myself so I was quite pleased with it. It was a well-done project. It was a good experience and I got pretty much exactly what I wanted. Nothing but A+ out of me.
Larry Heishman
Stephens City, Virginia